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Garage Door Repair in Westminster, CA

If your garage door breaks downs, call us here at Garage Door Repair Westminster, CA. Our technicians are always stocked with all of the necessary tools that they need in order to make effective repairs. We are here to keep your garage door running. 

Repairs You Can Count On

We are dedicated to providing quality garage door repair. No matter what problems you encounter, we have technicians that can assist you. We work on every brand of garage door. Some of the most common parts that we service are:

  • Cables - When they break, we will replace the old cables with new ones.
  • Springs - Our technicians are knowledgeable on both extension and torsion springs and can make repairs to both
  • Sensors - They may need to be cleaned or replaced.
  • Rollers - They may need to be lubricated or replaced. 
  • Tracks - We can replace dented or broken ones. 
  • Openers - It may need to be repaired or replaced

If your garage door is broken, or if you have noticed signs of wear and tear, contact us for garage door service. Catching problems early on is important for the longevity of your door. We will address every concern and make sure that your door is running smoothly. 

The Products We Use

We understand how important it is that the products we use for our garage door services are made to last. We have chosen to only work with manufacturers that are able to provide us with the name brand parts that we can rely on. You can rest assured that everything our technicians use in your garage door is of the highest quality. 

How To Use Your Emergency Release Cord

Do you know how you would exit your garage if you did not have electricity to operate your door? If you find yourself in this situation, you can use your emergency release cord as a short-term solution. This cord, or rope, is usually red and hangs from the trolley of your garage door system. 

The emergency release cord should only be pulled when your door is closed. Using it when your door is open is dangerous. The weight of the door and the force behind it is strong enough to cause severe damage. If your garage door will not close, please call us for assistance. 

To use the release, pull down on the cord in the direction opposite of the door. This will cause the trolley to disconnect from the opener carriage. You should now be able to manually operate your door. 

When you are finished, be sure to close the garage door. Then, pull the cord in the direction of the door. This will reconnect the opener carriage to the trolley. You should now be able to operate the door electronically. 

We Are Ready To Make Your Repairs

For repairs completed by trained professionals, contact our team here at Garage Door Repair Westminster, CA. We also offer maintenance and installation services. You can feel confident knowing that we only use parts from the manufacturers that you trust. Give us a call today! 

Office Address

Garage Door Repair, Westminster
Westminster , CA 92683

Opening Hours:

  • Monday: 12am - 11:59pm
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  • Thursday: 12am - 11:59pm
  • Friday: 12am - 11:59pm
  • Saturday: 12am - 11:59pm
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Payment Methods:

Cash, Check, Credit Card

To schedule an inspection by professional technician in Westminster please visit Garage Door Repair Westminster , CA